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NAPPLSC is proud to announce our webinar debut! NAPPLSC members will have access to webinars throughout the year. The theme for our kick-off season is entitled “Lead by Example”, inspired by the Michelle Obama’s quote from her final public address as First Lady of the United States. She said:

Be focused. Be determined. Be Hopeful. Be empowered… Lead by example with hope.”

Our webinar series will:

Be focused. Webinars will focus on topics and subjects that center Communities of Color. We will focus on clinical lactation skills as well as diversity and inclusivity. 

Be determined.  We truly believe that breastfeeding is essential in addressing the poor health outcomes and disparities that plague communities of color. Webinars will promote social justice and racial equity in the field of lactation. 

Be hopeful.  Webinars will highlight champions, and promising programs and practices that have positive impacts in the field of lactation, and on racial equity. 

Be empowered.  All webinars will feature speakers of color. All too often people of color are asked to speak on diversity, but rarely are we asked to present on clinical lactation. Lactation supporters of color make up some of the most skilled, compassionate and experienced colleagues in the field. It is time we honor and provide a national platform to share their knowledge, skills and expertise with our communities.

Lead by example with hope. It is our hope that this webinar series will inspire other lactation support organizations to look inward and see that decentering whiteness is an essential step in creating equity. 

Join us!

“The Lead by Example” Webinar Series will consist of quarterly Webinars and are free for all members. If you are not a member we encourage you to join today otherwise webinars for non-members cost $20/each. 

Please register here: 

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